Solar Power

Solar Concepts provides quality solar solutions to households, schools, communities and businesses. We use the best quality solar products and guarantee an efficient and affordable solar solution, backed up by exceptional service. We provide a range of solar power solutions, including:

Solar Residential

With electricity costs on the rise in NSW many homeowners are turning to solar power as the most economical option to power their home. Solar Concepts provide:

  • Licensed Electricians and design to Australian Standards
  • Grid Connected Systems that power your home and send surplus power back to the grid
  • High quality installations for your roof, garage and more
  • Generate clean power and sell back to your energy supplier

Solar Commercial

Many NSW businesses are using their surplus roof space to cut their power costs and generate even more income for their businesses, making themselves even more sustainable for the future.

  • We design and deliver custom solar power solutions for your business
  • Large scale systems mounted and installed to suit your site
  • Demonstrate your environmental responsibility, generate clean power and offset your usage

Solar Schools


Solar Power in schools not only lowers electricity costs, but enables student to learn about the benefits of a greener future.

  • Fully qualified and highly experienced installation teams
  • Offset energy while students learn renewal energy principles
  • Lodge data and create educational activities