Solar Lighting

eSHINE Street

eSHINE Street lighting system has been engineered for use on all major arterial roadways and pedestrian access lighting areas. They have been designed to directly replace gas discharge street lamps while consuming less than half the power.

Gas discharge lighting, including sodium, mercury vapor, fluorescent, and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), have a short life expectancy. Within their short lifespan, the light output is reduced dramatically as they age. In fact, after 12 months of running, there is only around 20% to 30% light output. Our LED systems will last 50,000 plus hours with a maximum of only 9% light output reduction over their entire life.

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Our solar-powered eSHINE Street lighting systems include four powerful solar street lighting systems that incorporate the latest high-powered solid-state semiconductor LEDs available today. These LEDs have been strategically positioned into our luminaries’ mold to produce perfect photometric data with asymmetrical batwing–type curves, with IES and CIE files for easy light design, to give much better pole spacing, for lower costs than our competitors.